Step 1

The beginning of any change is recognizing that you want more out of life and that you are willing to make the changes.

Step 2

Knowing that you want things to be better or different is the easy part. Knowing exactly what you want and how to get it is the next step.

Step 3

Most individuals will take a class, read a book, pray or seek advice from a trusted friend or relative. This step is often missed.  Finding someone that can help you sort out the direction. Doing this early is wise, and can ward off costly time mistakes.

Step 4

Having a life vision for who you want to be is often a missing step. Goals about what we want as opposed to who we want to be have less impact on our lives. Writing a plan for who you want to become is this step.


Step 5

When someone visions who they want to be, the next step is working on the inward person. This takes effort because we can not accurately see our selves. This includes personal inventory and self awareness skills

Step 6

Trusting others to give you feedback and insight is not easy. This step takes a lot of trust and vulnerability. Having someone guide you on the step insures faster success without pitfalls. Having a plan for this includes regular 15 min weekly check in with friends for accountability

Step 7

Daily morning routine that includes exercise, reflection, journaling and mediation are key to world class success. Making and implementing this step builds new patterns of self worth, self esteem and the feeling of personal accomplishment.

Step 8

Having a LIFE Plan includes writing out the goals and future plans for multiple areas of life. Writing a plan for your relationships, love life, career, family, social life in this step propel you toward a more fulfilling life. You are not focused on and in control of how you want to experience your future.