How much can I learn

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There has to be a reason things happen in this world. Tears are not my thing, but on that day it wasn’t a normal day. I sobbed and sobbed. Thankful that it was a phone call, cause I did not want anyone to see me.The life I was living was not fun. I felt all alone, and even my close friends didn’t seem to understand. Dan had the words that made so much sense that afternoon. He is so professional and maybe [...]

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Tough Decisions lead to Restoration

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Let me start by telling you a story. Raymond was on his first marriage and only marriage. He was a bully and determined that his wife was not going to divorce him.  Now he was on the phone suggesting that if I had any influence over women and "was a man of God" as he put it, then "she needs to get her life together and understand that God had placed her in his life and he wanted it to stay that [...]

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My Heart Beats For Me!

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Of course your heart beats for you! It loves you. It takes care of you! The heart you own is working every day to keep you alive. It has a special connection like no other organ you have. It is connected directly to your brain. It talks to your brain. The cool science behind this  is called "Heart Coherence" . These studies show  how the heart influences the way our brain waves behave.  Yes, that is so cool.  Slower brain waves means [...]

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You can listne to these on a podcast cast!  check it out ! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DAILY PODCAST OR CLICK THE PICTURE !

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You can listen to these on a podcast cast!  check it out ! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DAILY PODCAST OR CLICK THE PICTURE !

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Beagles and Storms

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While sitting on the couch in our family room one of our beagles was sitting next to me. There was a sudden flash of light, and we both noticed it. I looked around to see what it was, and couldn't figure it out. Then about 60 seconds later the thunder began roll in. Sadie, our female beagle, does not like storms. She promptly began to shack and then she climbed up in my lap. After a few more clapps and thunder rolls, [...]

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How About That Season

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A POEM..... It’s a day between the seasons In the wonderful land of reasons With music festive with relaxation Creating the feeling of love and expectation When did I first love this time of year It was when I was young and had no fear Memories of family, presents, lights and a tree Etched in my heart now come to me For sure I love the happiness and glow That is around me as I observe the flow High and low they [...]

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SMS Invite

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Receive a free text about personal growth! I have been sending these out for a few months now and the response has been tremendous. Sign up below. You can ope out any time! Subscribe to SMS Transformed Life Tips from Transformed Life! Text just like these ------- > "  Every door has an open position and a closed position. EVERY DOOR! Taryn, the door to the heart is OPEN or CLOSED. I choose to open my [...]

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