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Unlock the Power of Social and Emotional Intelligence for Business Success

Are you an entrepreneur caught in the daily grind, struggling to balance your personal and professional life? Do you find yourself wrestling with time management, routines, and money management, while procrastination looms large over your ambitions? If this resonates with you, our “Pivot to Thrive” Masterclass is your beacon of change.

Designed for Entrepreneurs Like You

  • Target Avatar: Young business owners
  • Life Stage: Making family and business work together
  • Core Challenges: Time management, routines, money management, and procrastination

About the Class

  • Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Schedule: Every Tuesday at Noon
  • Period: March and April 2024
  • Investment: $300

What You Will Learn

Our masterclass, based on the groundbreaking principles from the book “Pivot to Thrive,” is meticulously designed to address the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs like you. Through this course, you will gain invaluable insights into:

  • Enhancing Social and Emotional Intelligence: Understand the pivotal role these skills play in personal and professional growth.
  • Mastering Yearnings: Learn to navigate your deepest desires and align them with your entrepreneurial journey for greater fulfillment.
  • Personal Development: Equip yourself with strategies for self-improvement that directly impact business success.
  • Overcoming Procrastination: Tackle procrastination head-on with practical techniques that boost productivity.
  • Effective Time and Money Management: Discover proven methods to optimize your routines and financial decisions, freeing up resources for what truly matters.

Why “Pivot to Thrive” Masterclass?

  • Tailored Content: Every module is crafted with the unique needs of middle-income, married entrepreneurs with children in mind.
  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in live discussions, Q&A sessions, and practical exercises that ensure your learning is applied in real-time.
  • Community Support: Join a network of like-minded individuals who share your challenges and aspirations.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned professionals who have walked the path and transformed their struggles into stepping stones for success.

Take the First Step Towards Transformation

Don’t let procrastination and daily struggles define your entrepreneurial journey. It’s time to invest in yourself and pivot to a thriving future. Our “Pivot to Thrive” Masterclass is not just a course, but a turning point for you and your business.

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