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CAN I change the things and can I choose differently than my historical past?

Years ago I decided to start changing who I was , but over the past four or five years I have not had the results that I wanted out of my choices.

As a participant in a growth group in, and a growth organization, over the past three years  I have been learning some of the reasons why I have not seen the change I expected.

Lets begin with what I think I want out of life.  In the past few years, everything I have read says that following the inner dreams will lead you to a new life.

That hasn’t been working for me very well. Habits didn’t go away, behaviors and circumstances continued to be the same, and I would return to the same cycle within a few weeks or months after having some marvelous revelation or break through in my life.

If I am unaware of what is  driving my choices, then maybe I should pay more attention to what is happening in my subconscious mind.

If there is something driving my life that I am not aware of, my system of historical l expericnes and the conclusions I have drawn from me, then maybe I should re think what I do believe.

Investigating how these beliefs were formed could show me some insight into how these patterns formed.

That is where I was last year.

I am determined to break this cycle.



I wrote this article several years ago.  It is no longer true for me. I have learned how to get the change I wanted. I now more like the man I has always wanted to be. How?  It was not easy. Hours of work and dedication as if I was a world class athlete for sure. However, it was also staying with the routine, the plan and being consistent that made all the differnce in the world!

I believe that mediation played a major roll in all  transformation.

In the latter part of this artcle you will see where I stated that I am “determined to break the cycle”.  I am not complete in breaking these cycles, because life is aways an ongoing proess of change. What is ABSOLUTELY TRUE, as a close friend of mine shared  last week  while we were having a meal with friends, “Dan’s transformation has been amazing”.  Mike has watched this change in my life.  I bring this up because it is not about me, it is about the process. Following simple rules, and doing the work, will almost certainly produce the same results in anyone.

Want the same results?  I will be talking about this in the next few weeks!

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