When your best self, life is so different. Christi wasn’t being her best self on one particular day when she showed up in the class about Transformation. Her current circumstances were creating overwhelm that didn’t allow her to separate her current self from the emotional addictions that showed up. Her Fiance’, her oldest daughter and her dad all were making demands on her that she didn’t like. When were they going to get married, when was she going to take her daughter shopping for that prom dress she wanted. Then her dad was insisting that she spend more time with him. He was divorced and wanted to have a different relationship with her. All this stress was overwhelming. “All I wanted was to throw my hands up in the air and run away,” she told the class.

The fact remained true for Christi. Her life was messy because she was always, and yes it was always, putting herself in rescue mode. Everyone wanted a part of her and she didn’t know how much more she had to give.

Living free from our habitual self takes great awareness and self-discipline. It also takes the willingness to say “I can’t do this alone”. The anger and tears in class all lead to the revelation that her deeper need was to be important and yet she never felt important herself.

Life is lived best when we are congruent. The same on the inside as on the outside. Children are this way. The other members of the class helped Breanna practice being congruent that day. She was sad, angry, hurt and felt alone most often. Feeling sorry for herself was always the end result of moments like this.

That day, with much effort, her classmates surrounding her, Christi made a final declaration. “I will be who I choose to be, not who others want me to be. I am kind, loving, respectful and fully present. Today I live my life with No’s and Yes’s that mean no and yes.” The next several months were filled with assignments and support from her classmates as she practiced this newfound energy.

Change can’t happen alone. This how important friends and support are.