Daily routines are powerfully transformational.  One of my mentors, Brendon Burchard, has one of the simplest and easy to follow morning routines.  20,20,20. Twenty minutes of journaling and getting ready for the day’s schedule, 20 mins of stretches, and 20 minutes of meditation/reading encouraging material. I have practiced a version of this for over a year now, and it has influenced my day’s output by a huge margin.  I am more ready for my day by having a good view of my vision for the day.  I have looked at my client list and details that are important.  I have taken time getting my body ready for the day.  The reading or meditation gives inspiration for the day and leaves me feeling alive and motivate to move forward into a busy schedule.

The majority of my personal transformation is a direct result of this very easy and simple discipline.  As I began to set my mind and body in a specific direction each day, it became easier and easier to be aware of what I was doing.  The ability to be aware what I wanted to accomplish that day and stay on track with my daily, weekly and long term goals seems to be the foundation of my success.

This is easy to do!  It is easy to choose to do.  Let’s start simple. This means you break the first hour of your day into three parts. One part is body, one part is mind, and one part is energy.  As a side note several others have mentioned the 20/20/20 rule so if you google it you will see several different routines.

1. Have a planner or a journal where you keep your day’s schedule. Even if you are a stay at home mom, have a plan. Plan as much as you can. This also includes planning WHAT you will think about that day.

Ask yourself three questions every day: Write your own or use these!

A. What do I want to feel like at the end of the day?

B. What is the most important thing I need to do today?

C. Who do I need to connect with, talk with or encourage today?

2. Body stretches, yoga, kettlebell, or any type of exercise to get the body awake and ready. This is not your 3x a week exercise where you elevate your heart rate and work on body tone. This is a morning warm-up.

3. Read, listen to or watch 20 min of something is mentally stimulating. Something that motivates you, moves you to feeling alive or inspires you to be your best. Reading ten pages of a book ( not fiction please ) that has inspiring quotes or how to grow interpersonally works best. Choose wisely.