The importance of quality relationships cannot be over stated. As I have moved toward being healthier emotionally, I have learned the value of having close friends. Not just close friends, but the kind of friends that are interested in you, care about you and desire to spend time focusing on you. Of course this also means that you focus on them as well.

Here is my mission or my focus for friendships. I wrote this while working through my life’s goals.

“I enjoy my friendships. I have faithful friends who are aware of my life and my faults and they still love and care for me. I reach out to them for support and I care for them. I ask for time, and they ask for time from me. I spend time developing and growing my friendships – seeking them out. What are my primary beliefs about relationships: That life is about sharing it with others. I desire to make New friends when possible. I will be a good friend by being available for them when they need me. I will ask for help when I need help from my friends .”

Take time this week to write out your relationship mission. Lean into this focus and experience the difference it can make.

Live, Love fully, and Be Abundant.