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Heart Math has become one of the most popular ways to create a new way of feeling. Generally, it is using your heart to choose to feel the emotion you want to feel at the moment. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions. Choosing to feel gratitude for two or three minutes a day can be transformational.  Out of all the assignments I have given over the years, this one has been the one that consistently has great results.

Because positive emotions send an entirely different message through the body. This exercise has a way of aligning the way you want to feel with the body, helping it feel. We live so much in our heads, and this exercise is taking the mind and moving the thoughts you are having toward the emotions you choose to feel. Since your body knows what gratefulness feels like it will begin to feel gratefulness.

Sometimes the feeling in the body takes time because the body has to change gears from the current energy or emotion and move to the one you are asking it to feel. Practicing a new skill always takes time for the body to learn.

I want to quote Dr. Joe Dispenza here. “Thoughts are the language of the mind, and emotions are the language of the body.” Both influence the other. Choosing to think of gratefulness and then asking bodies to feel grateful allows the language of the mind to influence the language of the body. Our bodies want to feel good, since they have so many negative things to deal with already.

Training the Mind and Body to be in alignment has this profound affect: peace and joy. See the link to the research that is so cool on how this works.

Here are the simple steps.

  1. Place your hands on your heart, close your eyes, and choose to feel the emotion of gratefulness.  It does not matter if you feel it or not, because your body does know how it feels. The emotion will show up later. Say “I feel grateful for.. _____” and fill in blank. You don’t have to say it but you do have to IMAGINE you are feeling grateful even if the feeling is not present.
  • Take your hands and move them away from your body as if you are blessing the world and say something like “I give gratefulness to the world.” Your hands outstretched to the world. Hold them there for a moment and feel as if you are giving the world your gratefulness.
  • Now bring your hands back to your chest and your heart as you say or think “I bring Gratefulness to me.” Hold your hands to your chest a few moments as you feel and sense gratefulness coming to you from the world.

Daniel Clark

Dan has been working as a counselor since 2005. He has written and taught classes on many topics. He has a no-nonsense approach to life. His style is unique and very effective. He began transitioning into a coaching/education model for his private practice in 2009. Now he spends most of his time developing his material for online classes.

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