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Emotions and how they affect our behavior

This class is vital in understanding the value and importance of emotions. Everything about you hinges on the emotions inside you. These are tools that you need to understand how your emotions rule your every decision!


How the brain processes emotions
What you shouldn’t do
Change is not about thinking it is about doing
What you were taught has power over you
Addictions are everywhere
Relationship issues are simply repeated behaviors and can be changed
Everything learned can be unlearned

These are a free set videos that in less than two hours you will have a different view of your own mind.

“These short vids are packed with nuggets of truth. Understanding my own brain and the way it things was eye opening”

Mary - Missouri

“I am find it interesting that we don’t see these things on our own. My mind was more aware of how to change. Awareness is so powerful”

Kent - Missouri

“Being in sales, I now understand how my up and down’s are more about a feeling that comes from inside me and not what is happening on the outside. I’ve improved my closing ratio and my productivity by learning a simple truth. My emotions are who I am, so I choose to be who I want to be”

Ron - Kansas

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