It’s a day between the seasons
In the wonderful land of reasons
With music festive with relaxation
Creating the feeling of love and expectation

When did I first love this time of year
It was when I was young and had no fear
Memories of family, presents, lights and a tree
Etched in my heart now come to me

For sure I love the happiness and glow
That is around me as I observe the flow
High and low they all are looking
For the right gift, and one they might be cooking

You have to admit
That joy is knit
Into the fabric of the child
Even in the old and mild

There is not much to say
When we are on our way
To find the best and the right
So there isn’t a a fight

My heart feels alive today
As I sense this calm way
And the world in the hustle
Uses every single muscle

Are you like all of them too
Seeking to find the right tool
Aren’t we all so silly and fun
When all we really want is to sit and not run

The deeper self on the inside of us
Says to all of us “we are enough”
So I speak to those I see
Saying “you are  really free”

You know what I am saying
Before all this busyness and weighing
Life was slower and time was boundless
When as a child someone else worried for us

The ancestors before us now understand love
They yearn to tell us from their seat above
And now they see how life is suppose to be
And that is not all about you and me

Enjoy the weeks of this family connection
So you can remember the real affection
We all desire to be seen and known
Cause no one wants to be alone

Give this love you have away
And share it all the way
As if you will never run out of it
Cause it keeps your heart lit

The window of your eyes
And the depth of your whys
The emotions you want to show
Are the ones they want to know

Hug them, love them and look at everyone
Be present with them as if they are the only one
Aliveness is about seeing the old
Knowing that living well is by being bold

I love you
I see you
I care about you
I need you

So the season will pass us by
And we return to the question why
Why did we miss those moments of connection
We focus on things and about perfection

Today, if this isn’t the season
Don’t wait  for there to be a reason
Live your life with intention
Love will all your attention