What do you think about your body? What do you do to take care of your body?

John Butcher, the oldest son of Sam Butcher artist of Precious Moments, has been a huge influence on my thinking here. He wrote and lives his life based on 12 life principles he used to help him navigate the life he was living.  he put into a training called “Life Book”. I had the opportunity to be one of the first of 5,0000 to participate in his gift to the world. He gave his $25,000 program away free in an effort to expose the world to the things that he has been using for over 20 years. These principles have guided and influenced his life is such a major way, that he feel compelled to share them.

In those twelve principles he gives insight that isvery practical, easy to see, and fun to engage with. I want to want to share, over the next twelve weeks, my response to each of these areas. I will be vulnerable, and share the notes I wrote and thoughts I had about me while in this series of lessons.

I belong to his online group that, each month, learn and share new ways to create the life they want to live. John is consistently generating new ideas, and is very prolific. I hope you get as much as I have and continue to get of the Life Book principles.

I am going to begin here with the body. How I experienced the principle on taking care of my body. I have those in a program on my iPad and laptop and review them often.

Here are the notes I wrote while participating in Life Book.

I exercise three times a week – eat right and sleep 6 – 7 hours a night. I take care of my body by being aware of and nurturing my body. I am kind to it, and keep notice the things it needs.

1. My body is a very important part of my worship to God
2. I feel whole and complete when I have the body I want
3. My responsibility is to nurture and care for my body
4. I wholly accept the body I have as mine, I own it as MINE
5. My thoughts about my body shape my feelings and behaviors toward my body.
6. My energy is my responsibility and the energy I have I choose to have is mine as I eat think and exercise my body into a vessel of perfection.
7. Being wonderfully made, I am aware and notice how I feel and make adjustments when my body needs special care.
8. Biology and aging are things I affect and I choose to be wise in those choices

1. I am totally in shape, 30 in waist and appropriate chest.
2. I see my self as able to run and play not be winded.
3. To climb, cycle and hike without any thought of my body failing me.
4. I see a solid fit frame that looks appealing and has the look of being loved and cared for by me, it’s owner.
5. Swimming in the ocean.
6. My body tan enjoying the water and the sand.
7. I envision trying new things like mountain climbing, sky diving, kayaking and canoeing.
8. Riding 4 wheelers and playing with my grandchildren and my great grandchild
9. I feel alive whole and content with my body and my body concept.

I hope this is helpful to you. I have been learning more and more how imphaortant it is to have a routine for everything in my. I am not more intentional than ever to have good health.


Live, Love fully, and Be Abundant.