Perspective – Looking back. I love the failures, the set backs, the life issues that came my way. I love them because they created in me the mind that could deal with the current career.

The year I graduated from High School,  I had no idea what the next 10 years would bring into my life. Nor did I know that within three and half years my son would be born. Life was just a blur as I was attempting to figure out my marriage, my career focus, and how to support a family.

It is now over  thirty years since I graduated from High School. You do the math, I graduated in 1977.

It is a matter of perspective.  As my wife of now over 35 years and I  look back over our lives it is hard to not see the hand of a God who has guided us.

My life has been a jumble of jobs, career changes, disappointments and setbacks.  Poor choices and lack of education all  contributed to the place was in 2003 when I found myself jobless.

Two years later I was graduating with a masters in counseling as a social worker, and felt God has guided me to a career that fit me finally.

Perspective. It’s all about perspective.  The mind is weird. It thinks about things based on  the number of years it has experienced life.  My brain, being normal, saw that this new career fit how it felt about the world. My 45 year old brain (in 2005) was doing what most 45 year old brains do. Rethinking life and looking for purpose.

Now, that career, has completely changed my life. I am more the man God created me to be than I have ever been.

Perspective – yes that Looking back. I love how those failures and the set backs. I love how life’s issues formed my mind. I love them because they gave me a mind that works better that I could have ever imagined. I also love theses experiences that were necessary for my mind to have for my new life purpose.

What a great perspective to have.

Daniel C Clark