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Who makes things like this any more? Look at this house. 8 people lived in this house – 2 adults and 6 children. There are two rooms.  Wow. What a simple life.  Everything changes and so does the language we use.

Transformation,  the word is so common now –   We have buzz words that travel through our culture and word transformation is no different.   It means the same thing it meant years ago. To be transformed.

It is not a new word to those who have gone through some life experience where they had to transform the way they looked at the world.

Makes me wonder how those how lived in an earlier time would think about our houses.

Makes me wonder what they would think about our language – about transformed.

Not that progress is a bad thing, it is a God thing.  He must be a progressive God because all good things come from Him.

Transformation for me is more about learning to accept what has always been true. Like this house. It has always been true that you build a house the same way every time. Footing, foundations, walls with doors and windows, and then the roof. Not too complicated but with new technology we have some awesome houses.

Transformation that exact same way. Simple, easy, true.  You start with the foot and foundation, then the walls with a few doors and windows, and then the roof.

Problem with transformation is you have to either tear down the old house and rebuild a new one, or you have to rearrange some of the major foundations and footings before you can make any lasting changes to the walls.  Moving doors and windows is a major project.

You get my point. There are hundreds of ways to build a house, and hundreds of ways to build a life or a mind. There is only one way to fix them. Look at what isn’t working and fix it.

Every house is build the same way.  From the ground up.

That is how the Transformed Life material is structured. We look at the foundation and give you tools to make the necessary changes that follow the basics that make every house (life) solid.

Isn’t that what you want too?

If you have never built a house, it can be hard to know what to do. I’m not unique or special in any way. There are lots of ways to build houses and there are lots of ways to change who we are into the person God designed us to be.

I just have been doing this for a while, and have found some ways that work.  From my perspective.



Daniel Clark

Dan has been working as a counselor since 2005. He has written and taught classes on many topics. He has a no-nonsense approach to life. His style is unique and very effective. He began transitioning into a coaching/education model for his private practice in 2009. Now he spends most of his time developing his material for online classes.

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