Of course your heart beats for you! It loves you. It takes care of you! The heart you own is working every day to keep you alive. It has a special connection like no other organ you have. It is connected directly to your brain. It talks to your brain. The cool science behind this  is called “Heart Coherence” . These studies show  how the heart influences the way our brain waves behave.  Yes, that is so cool.  Slower brain waves means a more “coherent” brain. Coherent means we are in sync. When the  brain waves are in sync we feel better, make better decisions, and are more calm. When brain waves are out of sync the brain activity is more chaotic, we feel more confused and the brain has trouble functioning well.

Let’s call it the Heart Brain Magic. What magic? When your heart and your mind become one! It’s magic! When you are aware of and connected to this ever so busy part of your body, the magic happens. The science world calls this  “heart brain“. You can read more about it here. The heart is directly speaks to the brain constantly.  In the book The Heart-Mind Matrix Joseph Pearce correlates a calming effect on the brian when the heart is focused on. He says someone focuses on or even meditates on the heart, the brain begins to bring about a “cocoon of love and power”. This comes from the connection between the two. He goes on to say that most people have this experience when they do the “Heart Coherence Meditation“.

Want to get your brain to function better? Of course you do!  When I teach this to my clients, all of them have experienced this calming affect. The weird part is, you don’t have to believe it works. You just have to do it.  When you practice Heart Coherence, since your body already has the connection, you are now consciously activating a system that already is present inside you. You get to choose to active it!

Well, that sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Now you will have less worry, less anger and less overwhelm.

Here is video about coherence I did for clients.

Assignment? Yes, here is the assignment. Every day for the next week do the “Heart Coherence”  for 2 mins some time during the day. Then notice the difference in how you brain is functioning or how your feel.  Repeat (for ever! :))

Thanks for doing this! It will change your “brain” and your world

Daniel C Clark

Live, Have Joy and Be Abundant!