We Believe in the Power of Choice and the Power of Surrender

Beliefs are not born into us, they are given to us by the world we are raised in. We choose to continue that path of beliefs or we choose a different path.

Transformed Life believes life is choosing. Choosing to be your best person, and heading toward the vision of your best self right now.

Transformed Life also believes that surrender is one of the most powerful tools we have.  The SKILL of SURRENDER is the most powerful skill to have, one of having the law of surrender operating in your life.  When you surrender to the unknown you are making choices, and be fully in the hear and now, and accept the choices you make in the moment as your best choice. Surrender means you allow  your  choices to produce the best outcome for YOU. You only choose what is best and right for you, the outcomes, the way things show up or how they unfold, are not yours to direct.

We are given the ability to choose. We choose how we want to live our lives. We choose to love, be kind, benevolent, faithful, forgiving, honest, and upright to name a few.  Choosing to be WHO WE WANT TO BE IN THE MOMENT is our most powerful belief. We believe YOU choose your life.

We do not believe you choose the path.  No matter what the path you are on, you choose how you react to and what choices you make based on the things that show up on that path. The path is directed the choices you make, and that path ultimately unfolds in front of you as you use your faith to trust the choices you make.