Personal Power

Work can be translated as personal power.  The ability to get things done. The concept that many have about power is either it is abusive or underused.  Power is how things get done, and how we learned about power forms the beliefs we have about power. The burden of power from mistaken beliefs many carry prevent them from using their own power.  When we are caught in the back and forth of abuse / misuse of power and to be passive and accepting of circumstances. Learning how to use the right kind of influence in the right kind of circumstance is personal power.

This class will help inform you how your personal choices, styles, misconceptions and projections have formed the life you now live.  Moving into a more knowledgeable understanding of personal power will help develop:

  1. Being aware of my beliefs about power
  2. Using these beliefs to create your own world
  3. Moving away from non productive beliefs
  4. Understanding how power is your friend
  5. Using power for the greater good
  6. Getting your life goals / personal needs met with personal power

Having a variety of skills in dealing with power provides more opportunity for influence.  The idea of requisite variety is : The element in any given system with the widest range of behaviors available to it will control the system.  Being aware of and learning these skills you will have more influence in your life.  Applying  these skills will increase your range of power and satisfaction in life.

Our core beliefs about power influence ultimately every part of our being. It influences our thoughts are behavior and ultimately our reality.   Becoming aware of the beliefs that we have about power, and the underlying behaviors because of those beliefs, increase our ability to have a requisite variety of tools and skills for more influence and success in our lives.

Assignments in this series of weeks are designed to help us move out of our comfort zone and into the areas of power that are outside of our normal way of thinking.    These assignments will help move you away from misconceptions and mistaken beliefs and rules into more empowering beliefs about power. Transformational growth is a willingness to participate in a higher level of uncomfortable assignments designed for personal growth.

Sunday June  25 this week class in Parsons

Sunday June 18 this week class in Parsons

Monday June 11 this week class in Joplin