YOU will be amazed at the stories here of Transformation! Each of these stories have a beginning. You only have to begin! They wanted life to be different and were willing to do the work. You can have that same TRANSFORMATION! Today could be that DAY!

Transformed Lives

“Healing happens slowly. It took a few months before the changes were noticeable. Anger, bitterness, and a broken heart dominated my inner being. When you do this work, the TRANSFORMATION becomes so evident to everyone. You can’t tell me God didn’t bring me here for a purpose. Life is excellent!”

Mary Jo

“The first call was so hard. My friend who referred me was pretty serious that I needed to get help with my emotions and my anger. Three years later I have permanently changed my anger from rage to seeing LIFE with new eyes. I walk and talk like a new person. Hours of thinking, doing assignments, and being devoted to the work have paid off. The weird part, getting rid of negative thinking resulted in two promotions and now I am head of the division.”

John B, Director of production

“Working hard was my way of life. Learning to be present, attentive to my needs, and not be so controlling TRANSFORMED my very being. My relationship with God grew so much. Love self? Awareness of my own LIFE and how I created my reality hurt my pride. And my life is now on the NEW path to living fully. It’s the assignment way of living.”

Randy G, Entrepreneur


“Tripled the business volume in less than a year, used High Performance Habits as the foundation for moving my inner voice and my business to the next level. The intense insight and guidance led to new adventures in my partnership too. The bounce in my step is noticeable.  When I decided that the quality of life was more important than the size of my business, everything changes. It works. More in love with my family and more time to LIFE FULLY!”

Craig L , Distributor

“I want to say. Thank you for your dedication and insight. My life has become more about LIVING than about just being. Avoiding the sadness and pain of life was so numbing. Now, I see that aliveness and joy come with the reality of being in the moment. My marriage is so much better than I ever thought. Most of the time, we were so far apart because I was demanding and afraid. Marriage is a journey, and I stopped asking for perfection. Love and happiness are the choices I am making. BTW the business we own has grown so much as we released the negative in our personal lives and applied that to the business. Grateful for the rest of my life.”

Sandra, Mom, wife and business owner

“Let me say something. I was never disappointed in the process or the outcomes. Dan has been a solid rock of foundational thinking that works. His knowledge of the human condition and his depth of understanding in many different areas of life are excellent. Everyone needs someone who sees them for who they are, cares deeply, and is not afraid to say the hard things. Direct, kind, and gentle,  I don’t know anyone with that same skill. All of this work resulted in sales increases and transformed EVERY relationship, personal and professional. ”

Marcus , Insurance Sales