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I received this text message from a person I have been working with on learning the power of transparency. I wanted to share it in it’s entirety.

“Oh Dan!!! You are RIGHT!!!!!!! When I am just me, transparent me, God uses that. No matter the situation. I presented at a new teacher workshop sunday and at the end broke down emotionally and shared that I was really struggling about going back to school and that I wanted to tell them to remember to focus on why we so what we do and i shared what happened thurs with a former student. She was supposed to come for dinner. Cancelled via text asking me to pray for her family. Said her older brother was just killed in an accident. I shared what an honor it was to help her through that.  After I presented, I had to really get thru some negative self talk in my mind and finally was ok with things. Anyway, Just today I went back my room and this woman stopped me, said I was hoping to bump into you said you were so great at that workshop I needed to hear that. She said seeing you cry and remind us that its not always pleasant and good, but to remember its about the students we reach was what I needed to hear. She shared her struggles and her stories and it was amazing Dan. So amazing.” ”  Thanks for your help”

I love re reading this text message. It amazes me how simple things get in the way of being who we really are!


Learn how transparency works by taking the Transformed Life!


Daniel Clark

Dan has been working as a counselor since 2005. He has written and taught classes on many topics. He has a no-nonsense approach to life. His style is unique and very effective. He began transitioning into a coaching/education model for his private practice in 2009. Now he spends most of his time developing his material for online classes.

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