When life doesn’t feel right, like we are not feeling satisfied with life, it is often because we are living according to our values. Values are ways of thinking about our world. Values are often ideals or views of the world that we feel are important and when we experience life in alignment with our values, we feel awesome about life. Life feels good. When we have experiences that are not in alignment with the things we feel are important in life, we don’t have a positive experience.

Values are established in our lives in several ways. One we are born with them. Second, they are instilled in us by or early life experiences, as in childhood. Third we decide along the way, as we become more aware of what we like and don’t like, what things are important to us and we choose those values.

A person who is consistently in alignment with the deep internal values they have in life is a person who accomplishes more in life than anyone else. The reason is they are congruent – one of the rules of The Transformed Life.

Learning how to be congruent with our values is important to accomplishing our life’s goals. Understanding what our values are is where we would start.

Values in my life are in this order: What is important to me is authenticity – spirituality, wisdom – learning, and teaching. These are in order of how I felt about myself and where God had me going in my life. I want you to notice that family is not at the top of my list. This does not mean that I do not value family, it means that I don’t get the highest level of satisfaction from the value of family as I do from being authentic and my personal relationship with God. Just so you understand how this works, this is not a right or wrong list, it is a true list of how God designed me. It does not mean that I am not interested in family, or that they are not important.

Understanding how values work is just as important as being in alignment with them.

Daniel Clark