Why mediocrity is so seductive.

The sexy word seduction has a bad wrap. We apply it to the sex appeal we see in the current culture. It permeates our advertising media so “seductively” that it draws attention to things that we were not designed to be seduced by. Laughingly and with great humor we all have seen the lawnmower ads that have the bikini clad female in the same advertisement. Seduction and transfer of emotions from one item to another.

Pleasing the inner self is so seductive. That is why mediocrity is so seductive. It takes no effort to be seduced. It takes a part of the pleasure center of the brain, and attaches some value that appeals to our need for pleasure. The first thought we have is the sex need, but this goes for the need for relaxation, or doing anything that is pleasing to us. It could be reading, watching tv, being busy, or doing nothing. The pleasure center does not care what it is that is pleasing it, it just wants pleasure.

Purpose and calling are not found in pleasure.

If you do what you love it will never seem like work to you. I have heard this my whole life. I have always loved what I was doing. No matter what job it was, I loved working. I really did. What I didn’t realize was that most of those jobs were just busy work and were not leading me toward my ultimate purpose.They were just pleasure.

Some of those jobs were very hard.

The mediocrity I am talking about is not the work we are doing it is the person we are. When we are seduced into thinking that we are “ok” with who we are, we are being mediocre.

This is not the place for the purposeful or the called. We are to be focused on who we are internally. We are never seduced into thinking we need to change who we are. It takes the harshness of reality, spouses, relatives, and the world to help us see and accept what ultimately is true about us. That is, what needs to change about us.

Moses was not seduced into being a leader. He was tossed into the role of being a shephard because he needed to let go of his ego. Joseph was not seduced into being the leader he was designed to be. He was tossed into the role from prison. Daniel was not seduced into being wise, he was captured by the king and accepted his captivity as true.

Refuse to be mediocre. Refuse. Work hard at your inner self. This principle is taught in The Transformed Life. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Daniel Clark